Aaron Shafovaloff and Rob Sivulka
Aaron Shafovaloff and Rob Sivulka
Today, there are probably 5,000 lay friendship evangelists for every initiative evangelist, and probably twenty belligerent street preachers for every balanced street preacher. Rob has shown me that both relational and confrontational methods of evangelism can be used to love the people of Utah and honor the great commission of our King, and that neither method should be tossed.


He has a mind and heart in love for Christ, a passion to see Christ honored among the Mormons, and has shaped my own vision for how I would love to do missionary work in Utah. I hope to see him much more in the years to come. It is an honor and a learning experience and an event of fellowship every time I am able to work with Rob.


Grace and peace in Christ,


Aaron Shafovaloff
Mormonism Research Ministry and Webmaster for MormonInfo.org

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