Rob, this is awkward to say, but I just wanted to thank you for your evangelizing efforts. After church today, I thought, why did God save me? I'm not a speaker and may never bring anyone to salvation; I'm a sinner by nature and well aware of acts of my own, but God did call me to be one of His elect. A miracle… I was so, so Mormon. Then after getting home, I watched one of your YouTube videos talking to a Mormon missionary, and thought how you and Aaron are so good at talking to Mormons and bringing up ideas they would never think of by themselves. Don't ever give up or get discouraged! After all, it was a picture of you holding the sign that started my search, though I really just wanted to know why you were so angry with the Mormons. You do a wonderful job, and keep up the good work. Jesus saves, but you bring the message, and so among others, are one of my heroes. God is using you in a mighty way.


You never know whose lives you have touched. I saw your picture on the internet, and never even had personal contact with the people who brought me the truth. I don't know a single ex-Mormon where I live. So be encouraged brother, you may be touching the life of someone from the other side of the world.


...Rob, reading your answers to others questions has literally changed my life.


Anita Moak
[email protected]

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