Rob and I go all the way back to the early '90's at Talbot School of Theology. He was just finishing and I was just starting up. I remember how impressed I was that he new all the terms and concepts that were still a foreign language to me – much of it was literally Greek! Yep, I was the proverbial wide-eyed freshman getting mentored by the world-experienced senior. Here was a guy with such love for those in cults that he would actually go and spend his summers up in Salt Lake City sharing with the Mormons. It blew me away. What I was learning in the books, he had lived out on the mission field. It was like having Patton coming back to lecture you at West Point. I was so impressed. And, that was 15 years ago! He's still doing it. It takes such courage – hence the name, Courageous Christians. Bottom line, Rob is a guy that isn't all about winning arguments, he's about winning souls to Christ – and he proves it with his life.


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