JJ and family
Our church’s youth group has now taken five mission trips to Utah, both to minister to Mormons and to serve and encourage full time ministries in Utah.

On each of those trips, we’ve been blessed by the ministry of Rob and Tara Sivulka. Rob and Tara have been wonderful and gracious hosts to our group, letting us fill their house and yard with energetic teenagers. Rob and Tara have been kind enough to feed us on each visit.

They also provide very practical training. Our group always benefits from hearing how God has worked in their lives, and also the various ways Rob and Tara minister to LDS people and others in Utah and elsewhere. Rob also does a great job equipping our kids to be discerning about Mormon claims, and how to effectively share the true gospel with the Mormons we encounter.

God is using Rob and Tara greatly, and we have been blessed to partner with them.

JJ Springer
Youth and Family Pastor
Heartland Evangelical Free Church
Central City, NE

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