Why are we here? What difference does my life make? Can the work of one do any good in God's Kingdom? Coming from a Mormon background I have friendships and loved ones still lost. It would have been unthinkable for me to speak out for Jesus and the truth of The Bible years ago. Because of the prayers of my husband for 21 years, I finally came out of the dark and became a Christian. When my son, a believer and Youth Pastor, invited me on a Mission trip as a chaperone, I was totally naive of the implications and outcome. Going to Utah to talk to Mormons was completely out of my character, but I went, and am hooked on reaching out to the lost. A special and loving "thank you" go to our Spiritual mentor and leader of the mission trip, Rob Sivulka. What a blessing he is to me and to so many others. It is a trip I will never forget!!! Now Laurie and the Sivulkas
Laurie and the Sivulkas
I am doing a ministry with my husband to reach the lost. Now I know why I'm here and I know, through God's help, that my life makes a difference in reaching unbelievers with God's Word. Thank you, God. Thank you to my wonderful friend, Rob Sivulka. Thank you, Blaine, my husband, for not giving up on me. And a warm thank you to my son, Mark, for seeing the vision of including me in his mission trip. It was the spark that ignited a bonfire in my soul for the Lord.



Laurie Molsberry 
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