I Was a Mormon: Bob Rea

I was baptized a Baptist about 8 years old. 2 years later my mother took us to a Catholic school and we had to be Catholic, so we were converted and baptized Catholic. I remained a Catholic until about 1998. With all the sex scandal of the church I walked away from the church. I moved to Layton, Utah, became a Mormon and was baptized for the 3rd time in my life. I thought Mormons were Christians and enjoyed being around them.


Several years ago I went to some function at the temple in Salt Lake City and someone gave me a tract "Six Things They Won't Tell You in Temple Square" [now entitled "Seven Differences between Mormonism and Christianity"]. I like the straightforward approach to it. I read it when I got home as the LDS brothers I was with thought it was trash. I was amazed at their anger at my request to read and keep this tract. Well I read it, and it stuck with me like good oatmeal. I knew it was true. I believe it rang a bell in me from when I was a child. When I was throwing out the books from my library from the Mormon religion, I found the tract and had such a loving memory, I had to write and thank whoever gave it to me. I could not through out the paper you so patiently handed out that day.


I walked away from the Mormon Church about a year later (about 2001) when I confirmed that they do not believe in the Real Biblical Jesus Christ. But I came to Jesus Christ this year (2004) and I think the seed you planted in this message helped me find my way to salvation. All I know is the seed was planted and held and studied until I finally left the LDS Church and then started looking for the real truth. I now go to Calvary Chapel here in Reno, NV and am well founded in the Bible and being born again is a joy and a burden at times.


In February 2004 I divorced my wife (a nonbeliever all the way around). I was totally broken and prayed to what I refer now as "The Real God" and I turned the radio channel to Calvary Satellite Network and took the offer of going to Calvary Chapel. I wanted to start shopping for a church that taught the truth from the Bible. I went to the church and all I could do for a month was cry in the service. I felt the Holy Spirit guide me there and keep me there. I really did not want help, as I felt so deceived by the Mormons, so I just stuck with praying with God. I finally asked for help and a brother (Feliz) came and discipled me in the truth and helped me in attending men's prayer meetings. I began serving the Lord and became a very committed born-again Christian.


I now have a fiancee and will be married March 26th [2005]. My 10-year-old daughter has joined me with Jesus and was baptized with me in April 2004. This is the 4th time I have been baptized, and the last, for now I know the Truth and will not listen to anything but the truth of the Bible.


I really wanted to give you thanks and my prayers in your service to God. I am doing the same now. With the real love of God in me, I like the idea of witnessing. My attempts to talk the truth to my ex-wife and stepchildren have yet to be fruitful. My Mormon friends are scared to be around me because they fear I will infect them somehow. They all have been taught how to handle Christians, but not a priest from the inside who now knows the truth and can readily show them all the Mormon false doctrines and history. My actual dealing with all Mormons goes right to the heart of the faith. Joseph Smith, he is factually and biblically a false prophet and nothing he said came true when you study the Bible and his history. It shows the faith of the LDS church is void. I am still too bold in my words with Mormons, and am working on tempering that issue. I pray for their salvation everyday. I have also begun to go to a juvenile jail with my church.


From my heart thank you whoever you were who stood out on the street and boldly gave me this simple piece of paper that has brought me to the truth. Not exactly the way I would have thought God would have done things, but accepted just the same.


Thank you and may God bless all in his service working as you do.


Bob Rea
[email protected]

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