I Was a Mormon: David Fullmer Shaffer



Before I became 24 years old I had been a devout Mormon, believing all I was told and doing all I was told to do. At that time I went to the Mormon temple for my endowments. My experience there was very shocking for me. I could not believe the rituals that I saw and heard were part of my religion. I was filled with angst from the first to the last. There was way too much Masonic ritual to be just coincidence. As soon as I went through the veil I left immediately. I could not get out of there fast enough. I went back once at the request of someone at work as she wanted me to be endowed in behalf of her brother. I did not feel any better about it the second time. I never returned.


From that moment on I started on my road to discovery of the truth concerning Joseph Smith and the Mormons. In my early teens I was told that Smith was informed that his new temple ceremony was a lot like the Masons, so he joined the Masons to see for himself. Upon checking the history of the Mormon Church and Masonic history of Nauvoo, I found that he had about six weeks to come up with the temple ceremony after he had been made a Master Mason. So someone had lied.


I had entered a long and winding road of discovery which revealed facts, fully documented, concerning the Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price and the Doctrine and Covenants which proved to me that the Mormon Church was based on lies and deception. My testimony was gone.


That long and winding road was sometimes treacherous and torturous. It led me down into the valley of the shadow of death and I did fear evil for the Lord was not with me. I had turned to selfish worldliness. I remained in that fallen state for twenty years. When I became 44 years old, I felt that if I did not turn my life around that I would die in my sins. I reached out into the darkness through prayer and found a friend in Jesus Christ. Through the Holy Spirit I was drawn to the Bible and especially the New Testament. I read the New Testament over and over again until the true gospel of Jesus Christ was revealed to me and I had become a new creation in Christ. My life had become totally changed because I knew that my repented sins had been forgiven by grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone. My long and winding road had finally led me to green pastures at the foot of my Savior’s cross. Now that I am justified by His grace, I continue my long and straight road in the process of sanctification.


My journey to Jesus in this life does not end until I surrender my body to the earth from which it came and I then have faith in my eternal life with my Savior, Jesus Christ. All praise be to God.


David Fullmer Shaffer
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