Kaleb Schorr

I recently left the LDS Church. I was so unhappy, and I saw you walking around the Mesa AZ temple for the 2013 LDS Easter pageant with your sign. I had been struggling for a while with my "testimony," which was supposed to be based on good feelings. After reading your website, you gave me the inspiration to finally leave... put this all behind me. On Easter Sunday, I became inactive. I went to a Christian church, instead. However, I felt angry and hurt. I felt lied to, controlled, and felt that this so-called church was nothing better than a cult where the people on top were making a lot of money off of our tithes.

Since going inactive, Mormons have been at my door with cupcakes telling me that all other churches were established by Satan. They were "love bombing" me. They even tried guilting me into returning. I wasn't buying any of it. Fed up, I resigned my membership and got the letter in the mail stating so. What a relief! I want to move on with my life and pretend this never happened.

I have been angry at God. I lost my faith. I want to have faith again, but I feel so hurt. Why do I feel this way? I don't know. Part of it had to do with me losing my "friends" in the Church. They don't talk to me anymore. I think I need time to sort things out and heal so that I can turn back to the Lord. Sometimes I still pray and tell God I am sorry for losing faith.

I've found many support groups online ranging from ExMormon.org to Yahoo groups to various groups on Facebook. I want to meet people who can understand what I am going through.

I will never forget the Mesa Easter pageant. I saw you walking around with the sign "JosephLied.com". I was feeling depressed, and thought the pageant was so cheesy and lacking. I am so glad I visited your site. I felt the Spirit and realized that I may still be able to believe in God and feel good at the same time. I am working on it.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for your friendship. God bless you.

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