I Was a Mormon: Tiffany C.

I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah and struggled with being a Mormon my whole childhood because my parents were pretty strict (no t.v., no swimming, or riding bikes on Sundays) and I hated the idea of polygamy in the early church history--it always felt so wrong to me even as a child. So I went through a rebellious period in my teens. I started dating my now husband at the age of 16 and my parents hated him because he wasn't Mormon. I'm happy to say we have been married for almost 12 years and have 3 wonderful kids. I think my parents now see what I see in him… a great guy.

After settling down with family life, I attended Mormon Church almost every Sunday and was a primary teacher for 2 years. Although I still had issues with the church, I really wanted to be right with God. I wanted to believe the church really was the only complete and true church on earth. I often felt sad because the church teaches that for a woman to achieve eternal life with God in the celestial kingdom, I had to be married and sealed in the temple to a worthy priesthood holder...which I was not. I falsely believed my salvation and eternal reward depended on the man I was married to.

It was after my 3rd child that I wholeheartedly started searching for truth. Someone anonymously left a booklet on my porch that was written by the Tanners of www.utlm.org and I read it 3 times. Then I visited their website a few times, but I still resisted accepting what I was reading. Then I read the book The Divinci Code, which sparked my interested in researching early Christianity, and I ended up veraciously studying everything about early Mormonism and Freemasonry as well. I found a really good friend Melissa Thiring on the internet through her Gospel Help website and she prayed for me, virtually "held my hand," and answered many of my questions about Bible passages that were twisted and misinterpreted because of Mormon false teaching etc.

I feel that many Mormons are under a "dark spiritual power" that blinds them from truth. I really struggled internally to let go of comfortable traditions and tell my parents and siblings what I'd come to know. I felt guilty and wondered if I was being deceived by Satan. My parents were really offended when I finally told them the wonderful truths God had revealed to me. Hurray! Like the blind man, the scales were removed from my eyes. But when I emailed them a bunch of scriptures from the Bible to back up what I'd been trying to tell them, they said I was quoting from anti-Mormon literature!! I was blown away because I was so careful to only use GOD’S WORD.

Now I eagerly study the Bible, and as scripture says, I worship God in spirit and in TRUTH. When Mormon missionaries come to the door asking for me by name, I love to tell them how absolutely positive I am that the Bible is the only inspired word of God, and that Jesus was and is the final prophet and word of God... no new revelations required to add to the faith once delivered to the saints (Jude 3). I thank God for shaking me out of my zombie existence of merely knowing about Him in the most general of ways and leading me into an incredible, personal relationship with Him in Christ.

Tiffany C.

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