Finding Faith in Christ

To start of with, I truly enjoyed this film. Finding Faith in Christ is well done, period. In the film, the Apostle "doubting" Thomas relates his experiences with Jesus to a skeptical man. The conversation takes place over dinner, which provides the narration and flashbacks to Christ's earthly ministry. Many scenes depicting the miracles of Jesus are shown throughout the movie. In fact, the LDS Church gives the purpose of this short film: "to share our witness that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, the Savior of all mankind."

I have no problem with this film save one: this film in no way points anyone to the "one true LDS Church." This film is given out by the Mormon Church as a missionary effort and is often delivered by Church representatives (LDS missionaries). The film is so vague and general that there is nothing in it that would suggest the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is necessary. Bluntly put, anyone can have faith in Christ without the Mormon Church. This video is certainly of the ultra soft sell variety when it comes to Mormon outreach efforts. The "Church" here in no way distinguishes itself, or its opinion of who Jesus is, from the rest of the Christian sects.

I felt very "at home" with this Jesus. Selective scenes from the earthly ministry of Jesus are shown that many familiar (even vaguely) with the Bible would recognize. Indeed, this film is slick. Nothing overtly Mormon is shown. The only possible exception to this is the very prominent shot of Jesus laying his hands on one of His disciples, thereby establishing His "one true Church." But still, there is nothing that could not be reconciled with traditional Christianity.

Knowing something about Mormon doctrine, I would say this film appears to mislead people about the Mormon Church. This film may represent a direction many Mormons might want their church to go in avoiding their unique teachings concerning Christ. Yes, Jesus did perform many miracles and both traditional Christians and Mormons can agree on that. However, things like Christ's nature and his relation to the Father are serious points of contention that I would dare say this film purposely avoids in attempting to earn the favor of unsuspecting viewers. For more on the differences between Mormonism and Christianity, see Seven Differences between Mormonism and Christianity.

Again, I genuinely liked this film. Both its cinematography and content were well done. I cannot say that this film brought me to faith in Christ; I already had that. However, I can say that this film illustrates for me the Jesus of the Bible and not the Jesus of Mormonism.

To request a free copy of Finding Faith in Christ, click here. To watch the video online, click here.

David Whitsell
[email protected]
February 19, 2004 

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