I became interested in Mormonism when I went on a short-term high school mission trip to Utah in 1982. I fell in love with Mormons and trying to convert them to traditional Christianity. I also fell in love with Utah--its scenery and outdoor activities.


That trip became quite defining for the rest of my life. I would spend varying amounts of time each summer ministering in Utah with the Utah Gospel Mission (Kurt Van Gorden, director). I also spent part of a summer ministering in Brooklyn, NY reaching out to Jehovah's Witnesses via Van Gorden's Brooklyn Gospel Mission. My passion directed my education in wanting to get a good biblical and philosophical foundation, so I entered Biola University, which is where I, along with Russ East (now director of Utah Partnerships for Christ), founded the Biola Spring Break Mission to Utah in 1993 (first trip was 1994). Four degrees later (one through San Diego State University), I finally ended up moving to Utah in 1996. I later became a professional missionary, and began doctoral studies in philosophy at the University of Utah. Currently, I am a doctoral candidate in theology with apologetics at North-West University, South Africa.


I am the president of Courageous Christians United--a ministry that reaches out to cults, false religions, and philosophies. My mission work has primarily been street preaching. I also carry a sign with me to advertise web sites, I pass literature and DVDs out, and I also engage in dialogue. In addition, I lecture at various churches and schools, host various short-term mission teams that come to our home (see "Mission Trips"), and host Meet the Ex-Mormons Fellowship of Salt Lake City.


I am married to a beautiful ex-Mormon, Tara, and reside in West Jordan, UT with our beautiful daughters Charis Sophia and Zoe Joy. You can read Tara's testimony by clicking HERE.


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R. M. Sivulka