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Saudi Arabia

I always spent my half an hour to read this web site's content every day along with a cup of coffee.


I'm interested in your church.

Mitchell Saxton

I'm just looking into finding god once again. My past history sometimes haunts me and I can be ashamed of it. I'd like to speak to someone to see if LDS is right for me. Thank you!



Grady Youngblood

In recent years “Mormonism,” or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has enjoyed increased visibility in American culture, especially since the presidential candidacy of Mitt Romney in 2012. Who are they, and what do they teach?
What is Mormonism?
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as Mormonism, is an American religion founded by Joseph Smith Jr. in Fayette, New York, on April 6, 1830 and later established in Salt Lake City, Utah in the middle of the 19th century. In addition to the Old and New Testaments, the Latter-day Saints affirm other texts—The Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, The Pearl of Great Price—to be revealed Scripture. While they claim to be a “Church of Jesus Christ,” their theology is so far removed from historic Christian orthodoxy that every major Christian branch Protestant, Roman Catholic, Orthodox does not recognize them as “Christian” see details below.
Mormons are known for their strong, large families and hard work-ethic. They are vigorous in international missions and as of today there are about 15 million Mormons worldwide. While there are several smaller Mormon sects, the vast majority of Latter-day Saints 98+% are associated with the Salt Lake City Church, which originated from the followers of Brigham Young. Because of this, this essay will limit its focus to this branch of Mormonism.
A Brief History of the Origins of Mormonism
No history of Mormonism can be told without reference to Joseph Smith Jr. Born in Sharon, Vermont in 1805, Smith was known to dabble in treasure-hunting as a young man. Raised in Palmyra, New York east of Rochester, he was deeply confused religiously due to the intense revivalism of the period as well as the competing views of the various denominations. His confusion subsided after a decade-long series of religious encounters—including visions, revelations, angelic visitations and a visit from John the Baptist. During these experiences, Smith claims to have

Marc Burton

I am a man who was not churched at all previous to the call of Jesus on my life. God has placed in me a burning spirit of evangelism to the lost and deceived; especially those who, through generational inclusion into false religion, have been sheltered from the truth by the ones who love and care for them. Thank you for your ministry, and please pray that God will continue to open doors for me to grow my passion into a ministry of scope and impact for the glory of the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I currently have been blessed to find out that a long time coworker, who has seen my conversion to Christ, is a Mormon who has been displeased by His church. This is how I came to your website, as I was searching for information to assist me in loving my friend to the truth of The Gospel. Praise God for such opportunities as this! May He richly bless your ministry and your family.

Love In Christ,


As a former mormon, i can honestly say its the biggest trick of all time. Mormons are weak minded people who need something to believe in. A sexual paedophile who saw gold plates and only he could translate them. The church is evil and children should not allowed to be there. It has the same mind control techniques as suicide bombers in the east. Obey your God or you will suffer in hell. Mormons...using fear to take your soul and 10% of your money. Believe in science and observation, not a paedophile sex predator who hid the plates so no one could take them. I used be to be told we respect other peoples religion but only we are the one true faith. That right there is exactly the reason that these people are sick, twisted and evil. avoid the morons, i mean Mormons. Sick sick people. no wonder so many of us left and now laugh at the next lambs to the slaughter.

Tonya Rodgers

Eliza- I know it's hard to take in....but, these stories are true! There is hope and safety in the Bible. Please read and learn for yourself who the true God and Jesus are. God bless you!


You are very wrong where do you get your info from . If any thing, this is not right what has the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints done to you for you to do this.? Please learn about the church before you post this crap. There have been many miracles because of this church. There are testimonies why this church is true. Read the Tattooed Mormon .


well if you think Joseph Smith was a prophet then why did he cheat on his wife with a 14 year old girl, then make up a story of an angle that would kill him if he didn't start live polygamy when he was found out? He was just an early version of Jim Jones. I call him the man with the red hot pecker. He bedded more married women then Clinton. Well maybe not as many..


OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF................... well actually MORMONS and they damn themselves.


To youre A Liar 4/9/18

If what the owner of this website is doing shakes peoples "testimonies" then maybe the problem isn't about him telling lies as you accuse him of but that their testimonies were weak to begin with?

What could make something as serious as a testimony go weak? If its built on shifting sand, it will have no solid foundation. And Mormonism is just that.

I was raised LDS for over 31 years of my life. I believed- burning bosom etc. Was even in the Relief Society presidency hubby was in Bishopric. Temple, taught, etc.

If you were so lightly entertained by this website, why are you so upset? I don't believe you've been laughing. I believe your response reflects a person who is hurt and angry. And that's okay, really! I once would have reacted the same way, if at all. More than likely though, I would never have come to this website. So I commend you for at least looking.

Now I want to challenge you to look, with an open mind, at the writings of Jerald and Sandra Tanner and to check in with Watchman Fellowship. Call James Walker, if you like. He is a kind and patient man who will maybe help put things in perspective for you.

No doubt, this website can seem shocking. But it helps many people to stop going by their feelings and begin taking in facts.

I wish you all the best, mostly that you come to know the true Jesus.


really? you really think you have a right to shake peoples testimonies like that!?! Mormons are Christian, as Cristian literally means follower of Christ. I know we all have the freedom of speech, but we also have the freedom of religion. its just wrong to try and demonize us like that. I have been a Mormon for my whole life, and almost everything in this page is a lie, or you are twisting it so much that it hardly resembles the truth anymore. I saw this protestor standing outside of the conference center advertising this site. and one outside the salt lake temple in Utah. apparently they know nothing about psychology. if you get up in their face and yell at them, they are, at best turn around and walk away. and the bible also supports the book of Mormon and vice versa. thanks a lot for all the laughs/ buckets o lies. thx for the entertainment.


This site is amazing! This is a great resource! Rob, keep up the great work! May God bless you. Don't ever give up.

Grady M. Youngblood

The Mormon Cult: The Truth about Mormons and Christianity

I had been a "true-blue" Mormon for over thirty years before I found the absolute proof that the Mormon Church is a cult. I had been in denial for all those years, but now I couldn't escape the facts. Not lies and rhetoric from angry ministers threatened by Mormon success, but cold, hard, objective, scholarly proof from a source accepted by most Mormons. On this site, I'll show you the evidence and show you how to use it to open the minds of Mormons or anybody interested in understanding the truth about cults, Mormonism, and Christianity in general.

Mormons aren't the only ones surprised by the evidence. Many non-Mormons have friends and relatives who are Mormon, and based on their experience, they just can't believe their ministers when they tell them that Mormons are a cult. Here's a typical story:

"The Mormon Cult" and "The Cult of Mormons vs. Christianity" - these are themes I heard from my pastor years ago who ranted against Mormon beliefs and the menace of "Mormonism," but I could never believe him. I knew Mormons, and they seemed so nice, so "Christian." The Mormon cult members OK - members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints told me they believed in Christ, they told me they worshipped Christ, and they really seemed to talk and act like Christians. For me, they seemed like the kind of people we should welcome in our society. A little different, yes, but to me, their main faults seemed to be fear of alcohol and refusal to party on Sunday. Not great dancers, either, but a cult? Yet "Mormons are a cult" was what I heard at church and read in my Christian bookstore - but those books seemed so biased and sorry a little extreme. They seemed to describe a different people than the Mormons I knew. There is no way that I could believe they were a cult - until you showed me the evidence! LOL! Now I know better! Now I understand the Mormons are a cult - and thanks to you, even my


Hello, I'd like to change religion. Someone told me, you've got a book written by Jesus?!

Grady M.Youngblood

Mormon Cult

Critics of Mormonism properly called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sometimes like to tell people about the “Mormon cult” and all the awful things it is and does. The word “cult” is the kind of word that frightens people away from the Mormon Church before they know anything about it.And what is a “cult?” In many dictionaries, cult simply means a religious organization, but this isn’t the meaning anti-Mormons are using. They, of course, mean cult in its most negative connotation – a dangerous religion with a strong personality at its center.

Jesus Christ MormonMind, early Christianity was persecuted as a “sect” and a “cult,” and most of the definitions anti-Mormons apply to “cult” when they give that name to the Mormon Church would also fit Christ, His followers, and the early Christian Church. Why would the early Christians have suffered such profound persecution if people hadn’t thought the Church dangerous? It would be a mistake to decide that anyone who opposed the Church was simply evil – many thought they were serving God by trying to hasten the destruction of the Christian faith. Paul himself persecuted the Church ferociously before he joined it.

A good number of anti-Mormon organizations operate today, in the United States and elsewhere. The 1987 Directory of Cult Research Organizations lists more than a hundred anti-Mormon groups. These groups pass out anti-Mormon literature, give public lectures that attack the Church, and proselyte Mormons in an attempt to save their souls from what, most of these groups feel, is a dangerous cult.

These groups will often assert that Mormons aren’t Christian. They’ll often use, as justification, one of the differences between Mormon belief and most other Christian belief. Mormons do not believe in the doctrine of the Holy Trinity – instead, they believe that God, the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are separate beings with one purpose, rather than just one be

ade winda

website is very interesting to visit . and I really like and enjoy here . This is a creative website . harmonious color combination . This post was very helpful . I was so inspired to work like this website . thank you


Hi Rob i am a Mormon and proud of it attacking my church is getting old man and attacking Joseph getting old to where is your proof Joseph lied. I think your the one who is teaching false doctrine you nothing about my church it not the Mormon church or Joseph smith church it is CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-SAINT it is Jesus Christ church he made our church because Jesus Christ told Joseph to join none of the for they are not true . You can call us a cult or every name in the book there is nothing you and your followers can do by stopping the church all we have to say it is true the Book of Mormon is true and another testmet of Jesus Christ and i believe the Bible to be the word of God . So you say your a good Christian by attacking my church teaching false doctrine your not a Christian your not Christ like . So all i have to say STOP IT!! and asking for money on this web site by stopping my church it make you look like a hypocrite an a fool . And those who are exmormons shame on you for believing in this guy Rob who know nothing about church .


I am not an exmormon, but I understand cults having been a catholic.
I just wanted to point out that I find it silly and phony that, when they supposedly quote Jesus in their book, they have Him speaking "King James English", as if that makes His words authentic and "biblical". And people that are not thinking or that don't realize that the KJV bible was simply the translation according to English speaking standards at that time fall for that. I notice the same with the Bahai Faith writings or whenever someone gives a false prophecy.


Thanks for your website. I've had many opportunities to share the true Lord Jesus with Mormon missionaries. I've nearly always hit a brick wall sharing with them. Coming across this website is a real encouragement and I'm sure will help while talking to Mormon missionaries in the future.
Every blessing in Jesus our Lord and Saviour's Name


Hi, Rob! You doing a great job. You say, you believe in the Bible as the word of God. So do I, but why do you twist the scriptures to your advantages? I you want to tell the truth as a eye opener then tell the truth as written in this
Book. Are the Mormons wrong in their teachings for they are Christians too like you. I studied for a while and found it better then other churches. I got all my questions answered I had. Why do you hide so many questions about
Christ, life before this life, can man become like God and so on. Our works will judge us and so on. You are my brother though we have different
opinion. God bless you in your work you try to do. And one important thing-
respect other peoples Faith.


Keep up the Good Works. We are Breaking through!


Rob I think you are in the closet and hide behind religion. I seen your picture and you don't look straight to me. Also I think your atheist and are looking for an excuse to pretend your christian for fear of loosing your associates and friends. Hmmm...?


I do honor your point of view. But plz I must ask, do not stand outside the Payson UT temple. It's very confusing to younger kids.

nick Hansen

I admire your assertiveness and courage in helping save Mormons, I hope to reach your faith soon. peace and God Bless Rob

passer by

Thank you very much for the good laugh. I love these uneducated arguments. The protester tonight made me laugh a lot too. Thanks again for the entertainment!

leah walker

First of all, I want to thank Renae Storms of WFI for sharing this website with me. She's been a blessing in my husbands and my life. Secondly, I want to thank you for this work. As a former Mormon myself, its always wonderful to see those who left darkness come out into the wonderful light of Christ.

Rob Sivulka

For the rest of you wondering what exactly James below is referring to, please see the last entry on the Home page of this site: "The Bible?" Please be careful of a typical naturalistic, secular assumption when it comes to the Bible.

Rob Sivulka

James, did you read the links I provided for my assertion about the Bible? Instead of making a broad and unhelpful statement, please deal with the specific arguments given in those links. There is zero evidence for the Book of Mormon at least as far as its description of the New World. The Bible on the other hand has plenty of evidence for it. Now that's a different statement from saying that everything in it has been confirmed, but so what? That's the case with almost any ancient historical book.

James Danise

I am a Mormon and YES Joseph Smith lied and the church continues to do so to this day. However your statement that The Bible is archeologically, historically, prophetically, and scientifically accurate is as full of crap as the Book of Mormon is. I find that statement laughable but I suppose it makes many happy to believe that.


Wow this website is full of lies and slandering. Only one with a humble teachable heart can know if this is true.this website destroys faith and slanders which is not of God or His Son. Period. And Sam I'm sorry you feel that way.


I have an original copy of the book Mormonism, the Islam of America 1912. It looks like it can be read here:


jhon, you seem to presume that no one here has heard of or taken the Moroni 10 challenge. I have done both, so I would like to bear my testimony . . .

I have diligently sought God regarding whether the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true or not. To that end, I have studied the Bible as well as the Book of Mormon and I have prayed consistently for over 30-years. I have taken the "Moroni 10 Challenge" and I have felt an intense "burning in my bosom" many, many, many times in my life -- in fact, I carry it with me every day of my life.

... and my testimony is this:
I am utterly convinced that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a non-Christian cult, that Joseph Smith was a false prophet, as is Thomas S. Monson. Further, I am utterly convinced that the Book of Mormon is an uninspired, man created work of 19th Century fiction.

Here I stand before God and before men - I can do no other.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, amen.

And so has this Muslim woman on a Catholic discussion board:

"For me, I believe that Muhammad was a prophet because of the Qur'an--because I read it, and in my own estimation after reading it, reflecting on it, and praying about it, I found in myself an unwavering belief that the Qur'an is without a doubt revealed by the Lord of the Worlds, by the Almighty God."

Sound familiar? Just substitute "Joseph Smith" where it says, "Muhammad" and "Book of Mormon" where it says "Qur'an" and you have the archetypical Mormon Testimony which simply mirrors the "stock" Muslim Testimony know as the Shahada: 

"I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, and I bear witness that Mohammed is the servant and Messenger of Allah."
the "Shahada"

So could you explain to us how, if this method of discerning truth is so reliable, three people could apply it and get completely dif


I realized the other day why the mormons think we believe in the same Ggod, it is because they will not go see what other churchs believe so they only know what they are learning in the mormon religion. Not the same God/ Jesus of the Bible. As a ex-mormon and kicked out of a mormon buisness 3 days ago for not agreeing on the god they believe in answered some questions I did not get until that day.


i invite you guys to forget your stupid ideas, and sincerelly read the book of mormon, and ask god if you really believe in god you must do it if the book of mormon like the bible is his word and it's truth... if you do you'll receive an answer that you can deny... but if you don't do it you're going to be embarrased at the second coming of the lord

please stop talking garbage about the lord's church
i hope you the best


I love this and we need to be vocal now that the Film is out on Meet The Mormons...I have just published my Memoir called WALKED AWAY FROM MORMON TRUTH TO SAVING GRACE....Thanks for all you do....Cheers

Bart Wallace

Thanks for helping us understand the differences between mormonism and christianity. I converted from mormonism to be a christian and have long believed that Joseph was nothing more than a con-man and false profit.


If you were to read the bible you would see that Rob Sivulka is doing the Lords work. The bible tells you that God does not live in a temple made by man. Since you are not religious you must not know much about God and His ways. There is only one truth. Rob has a heart for the lost, the lost who do not know the true Christ of the bible. I have been told that Mormons do not believe in the same God that bible believing Christians do. That is what all the sign holding is about. They believe in a non existing God, and that would mean a non existing eternity. They believe In hell but only certain sinners go there. So again there is only one truth. One heaven and one hell. We all must make a choice while we are alive on earth. Just because many religions have been taught through the century's doesn't make them true. God gave us His word, it's all in the BIBLE! The one and only true word of God. If you knew the truth, and believed it. You might be willing to hold signs too.
I pray that you will have a desire to read Gods word, so that you may know how you can have eternal life. Jesus is amazing, and He died for you! Go read about it!

Dave Mitchell

If you want to see Jihad, turn on your television to any news channel and wait no more than three minutes. The horrible bloodshed and slaughter being conducted by ISIS, Hamas and many other Islamic groups currently -- NOW THAT'S JIHAD!! How can that be compared to an American exercising his First Amendment rights by holding up a sign in a public place. Obviously, you haven't the least idea what the definition of "jihad" is in either Arabic OR English. To call Rob Sivulka a "jihadist" would be laughable if such a serious eternal life-and-death subject were not being dealt with.


Teresa; Perhaps you could clarify what you mean by "Jihad movement." I'll assume you didn't mean it like it comes across. In light of what is currently going on in the Middle East, where thousands of men, women, and children are being beheaded, crucified, sliced into pieces, and buried alive because of their religious beliefs (Christian and Jewish), it would appear that describing someone holding up a sign with an informational website a "Jihadist movement" displays both ignorance and insensitivity. Your choice of words is highly offensive to the victims of actual religious persecution. It would be like accusing someone of being a Nazi for suggesting that you find a more competent doctor or getting a second opinion. Perhaps you are not aware of what a "Jihadist" is, or maybe you didn't know that people genuinely being persecuted are hunted down and murdered in cold blood for their faith, or raped and sold into slavery. It's all over the news. The last time I heard anything like that happening in Ogden was...well, like NEVER.


I live in Ogden UT. I do not "believe" in religion. However, I am a kind, compassionate and loving person. My questions are: Why did I see a "protester" outside of the new Ogden Morman Temple yesterday holding up a sign to direct me to this website? Does your "God" invite these type of "jihad" movements against other religions? Is this the "Christ Like" way of testifying? Are people like this showing what the true spirit of Christ is like? Your protester, in my opinion, put a negative connotation to the beautiful and serene picture I saw of many people quietly and respectfully visiting a house of "God". I feel your protester was without Love and Compassion and Kindness and truly does not represent what Jesus would of done. Where in your bible does it say that Jesus stood on a street corner protesting another person's faith? Help me to understand this, because I feel the protester is wanting to stir up a religious war here in Ogden UT. What sorrow~what shame. I truly feel sadness for this person. There must be something written in your Bible where God directs you to interfere with other person's beliefs. Where's the Love?


Thank you for doing this website. I'm a Bible believer in Jesus Christ, and I've been looking for a good site to help me witness to my mormon friends. This is a wonderful resource!


I like what you guys are up too. Such clever work and reporting! Carry on the excellent works guys I have incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I think it will improve the value of my website eeakkdedccee

Brother Stair

Greetings Mormon Info,this is Brother Stair from the Overcomer Ministry situated on a farm in Walterboro in the USA. After viewing the website I invite you to listen in to the broadcast either via the website or over the radio by many short wave frequencies stated on the website. With deep conviction by the annointing of the holy spirit this is the last day prophet of God proclaiming profoundly that this is the last generation. The overcomer ministry broadcasts 24 hours a day online and you are welcome to listen in to the tabernacle and leave a comment or question upon the broadcasts or scripture.The Ministry address is Po Box 691,Walterboro,SC 29488,USA.By Telephone,1-843-701-5053. It was interesting to view your website and please pray for the ministry, Maranatha. It was interesting to view your guestbook.