Rob and Brandon (7-25-9)
Rob and Brandon (7-25-9)
...Rob! I definitely feel called to begin supporting your mission trips. It's crazy this transition I've been through. I remember back in like 2006 when I laughed at you on MySpace; I believe it was the picture of you at the San Diego LDS temple. I told you that you were wasting your time. I was a brand new Mormon who did not know any better. Since then, God brought me to Utah in 2007, out of Mormonism and through some crazy journeys where I sometimes disagreed with you to now where I fully support your love for sharing the good message and building the Lord's kingdom. I know that we were meant to be courageous and right now I don't know what that means for me.


I want to stand on the streets and share Christ with those who do not know of Him, but I am not yet that courageous. I have the fear of not having the knowledge I need for having discussions and meeting opposition. However, I am going to be courageous and take a step out of the safe zone.


I'm going to partner with CCU by signing up for a monthly contribution. I love that God is using your ministry to build His kingdom and I love your willingness to devote so much time and effort to the gospel. I know that we crossed paths for a reason and it is amazing what God can do in someone's life when all you know of is that you may have planted a seed or watered a seed.


When I look at everything God brought me through, and how I use to be upset at God for some of the things he let me go through, I now know that he was using those experiences to build me into who I am to become. My testimony is the strongest it has ever been.


I remember years ago telling Aaron Shafovaloff that his testimony was a delusion in his head and that he needed to get a grip on reality. That was during my atheist phase after Mormonism. Aaron told me that his faith and testimony were unshakable and that his belief in God could never be changed. At that moment, I laughed and said whatever. However, years later, this very moment, I know exactly what Aaron was telling me. I have an unbreakable, unshakable faith in God. A faith so strong I cannot believe that I chose to believe. I believe God chose me to believe. I believe this strong faith was given to me from God. It is absolutely amazing what God can do with the trails and tribulations we've been through.


Five or six years ago if you would have told me I'd one day have a an unshakable faith in God, I would not have believed it. I say, find joy in the hardships that we go through. God is going to use those hardships to build us up into someone stronger. This has been such an amazing journey. I can't wait to see what God is going to do next!

Your brother,


Brandon Myers

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