I have known of Rob Sivulka for almost 12 years, and have been friends for about 4 years. I have been with him while he was ministering at Temple Square in Salt Lake City and Manti, Utah. As an ex- Mormon myself, I can say I think GOD is using Rob in one of the most effective ministries to the Mormons that I know of. If I could sum it up in a few short words (which is difficult), he is not only extremely knowledgeable on Mormon doctrine but on their culture as well. We Mormons had our own unique language and culture that an outsider rarely understands. Rob understands the Mormon mindset and language barrier. He is able to effectively communicate the gospel to them in a way that breaks thru all the "Christianese."  Mormons like to use and show the lies of Mormonism. I thank the LORD for Christians like Rob, who not only are as bold as a lions but who also use the knowledge they have with wisdom. Rob was faithful to be at Temple Square, witnessing for Jesus Christ for years. Please help send Rob back to the people who so desperately need to hear the truth. God Bless You Rob and Tara.


Tricia B.

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