BYU-Hawaii commencement: No escalator to heaven (12-19-14)
“Everything worth doing, and everything worth becoming and accomplishing, takes work — plain old-fashioned work,” said Elder L. Whitney Clayton of the Presidency of the Seventy during BYU-Hawaii’s commencement on Dec. 13.

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Linda says... (Reply)
"Work your way to heaven? What did Christ's death on the cross accomplish? " (1/25/15)
Mark says... (Reply)
"Try reading the article...there is nothing in the article about salvation. It's talking about the goals you have in life (i.e., marriage, job, achievements in general) requiring work, and that they're not going to just appear because one has talent. The word heaven is mentioned twice in the article. The first time is, "Real progress and accomplishment are the products of careful planning, hard work and the blessings of heaven." In other words, the blessings of heaven is one of the things that brings about real progress and accomplishment on earth. The other is, "Elder Clayton said that the blessings of Heaven attend those who keep the commandments of God and seek to build their families." In other words, we are blessed for following the commandments and building our families. Are we not blessed for doing these things? Why must anti-Mormons rely on out of context complaints and half-truths in order to deceive Mormons?" (2/5/15)