Mormons aim to address the messy parts of church history, theology (3-9-15) 
Mormonism begins with a simple story of heavenly manifestations.

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DAVE Hofer says... (Reply)
"When you believe in a mans lie over GOD AND HIS WORD THE BIBLE you end up with MORMONS .The story of salvation has all ready been told. If any man preach any other gospel let him be Damned" (3/14/15)
Ty says... (Reply)
"That what is done in the dark will be brought to light. It seems Mormonism and Scientology are in the same boat as far as trying to save face and keep members. When I was told at the age of 13 about Kolob i laughed so hard and had my first revelations about the fraud perpetrated on weak souls who buy into this sham religion that contradicts so much of Gods actual teachings." (4/18/15)