So You Think the Book of Mormon Is Authentic? (7-9-14) 
Greg Trimble, a Latter-day Saint who blogs on Mormon topics, recently posted on the question, “So…You Think the Book of Mormon Is a Fraud?” After some poisoning of the well against critics of the Book of Mormon (they jeer at testimonies to its truth; the loudest critics have never even read it), Trimble asks eleven questions apparently meant to vanquish doubt about the truth of the Book of Mormon.

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Emily Jolley says... (Reply)
"Stop lying. Just stop it! Why are you against us Mormons!!!!!!!!!" (11/4/14)
J says... (Reply)
"Take this site down! Your arguments and explanations are a joke and weak to say the least..I can "question" all the crap on the this site just as it is claimed to question the LDS faith. " (10/8/15)