Review of New Film "Meet the Mormons" (10-10-14)

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Taylor says... (Reply)
"This is the stupidest website ever. It has all the wrong information.
Clearly these people hate Mormons. I am not a mormon but I have been to there church. Trust me, that isnt at all what they believe. I suggest you go to and never come back to this horribe website AGAIN." (10/12/14)
Emily Jolley says... (Reply)
"Why are you against us? I'm Mormon and nothing on this website is true. Mormons are good people!!!!" (11/4/14)
Robert Sivulka says... (Reply)
"Please state just one thing that's not true on this site and give documentation for it. Yes, Mormons are good people headed to hell, so we're trying to warn them." (11/17/14)
JR says... (Reply)
"You have hatred and intolerance in your heart. I am not religious, but if there is a divine being in this universe, he will not view your hypocrisy and hatred in good light. I have very devout Mormon family members, and i can tell you that your interpretations of the religion are so far from how members are taught. Who are you to judge others? If their Mormon faith brings them joy and hope, who the hell are you to say they are going to hell? That is where you will end up because of your hatred for a religion you don't even half-understand. I pity you." (12/7/14)
Tracey says... (Reply)
"This article is filled with inaccuraties. Try fact checking first" (6/24/15)