Mormon leader: Differing versions of Joseph Smith’s ‘First Vision’ make it the ‘best-documented in history’ (5-2-16) 
For years, critics have pointed to the differing accounts of Joseph Smith's so-called "First Vision" as proof that the Mormon founder made up his boyhood encounter with the divine.

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Robert Sivulka says... (Reply)
"Unbelieveable! Yeah, try that with your kid when he tells you 9 different versions of his imaginary friends making him lunch!" (5/2/16)
Javier Cifuentes says... (Reply)
"I think this cult is a part of the American culture, which thinks they are the best. The reason for believing Smith, a narcissistic liar, is that he is an AMERICAN PROPHET. Of course, how could they be left out of the religious hall of fame.
May God bless America, and forgive it´s sins" (5/28/16)