Mormons and Christians: So Close, Yet So Far Away (9-7-16)
What should we make of claims that the two faiths are on a path to reconciling?

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PrinceLeo says... (Reply)
"Y is it that is only the Mormon Church U guys Persecute, that make me to believe that the Church is true, Jesus Christ say somethin to his apostle, That if the world hate u and say so many bad things about you, that is what make you this own,that is to say if you guys are saying so many things about the Mormon Church and Josephsmith that means they are for Christ, And Christ also said that if the world hate you, that means you are not of the world, so Mormon Church and Josephsmith are not of the world. U guys Know that what i say is true, if u say is not true, Can u please proof me Wrong, Thanks " (11/3/16)