Examining Mormonism’s Founder: The What-Did-Joseph-Smith-Lie-About Approach 
A question I am often asked while holding up my “JosephLied.com” website sign [1] is, “What did Joseph lie about?” The question is like having a fish bite on the bait. When that happens, it’s time to set the hook and reel it in! While many issues may be brought up, I generally begin with three topics that ought to be considered by anyone who either believes or is considering following Joseph Smith.

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E.P.Judd says... (Reply)
"The blasphemy of their books e.g.Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, The Pearl of Great Price is going to require so many souls to pay for these false writings. It is clear that the 14 year old Joseph Smith had a wild imagination and when he concocted this idea he probably had help and over the years the details became more vivid from the tellers of the story. It contains every earmark of a cult. They do everything accordingly such as promoting dependence and strict obedience, restrictions on movement or thought regarding sexuality, they target women as objects to meet their needs and reduce actual God to another version of man, spirit babies? Label some emotions as wrong, to aid in controlling members.Drill into children's heads that there is no happiness outside the membership. I could go on but... " (5/19/20)